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Run Efficient: May 2011

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Pineland Farms 50 mile race report


Initial 3.5 loop:

So we started off fresh, and full of vigor chatting away for the first 3.5 mile loop at a pace quicker
than I had down on paper, but one that I knew was going to happen due to excitement and camaraderie. My plan was 9:30 average to get under 8 hours. Jamie, Chuck, John and a few others ran around 8:34's.

First loop:
This loop I ran a bit with Jamie and Chuck in the beginning before Chuck went ahead and Jamie fertilized the woods, then 5 or so miles with John O'Conner. John decided to explore the portable fertilizer station at the Yurt, and then I ran alone. I cruised on through for the next couple of miles and then realized my right hip was hurting. I tried not to pay attention to it, focused on the gorgeous day, leaves swaying in the wind, breathed in to it with each step... but it was talkin' to me. Through the aid station again and on to Oak Hill I noticed Chuck in front with a healthy group. I stayed back and did not want to get sucked in to their pace but eventually found myself running with Chuck off and on. That lap was somewhere around 9's. Not too bad for negative splits but...

Second loop:
This lap I wanted to take it easy and really have something for the final lap. My right hip was still hurting and I had to punch it while running to give myself a "moving massage," that and a quick stretch seemed to help enough. I met up with Chuck again and we ran together for a while at what he called a relaxed pace but I felt was quick. I later learned that he was having asthma issues and we were running more like 10:30's. Felt way faster. I heard Chuck stop and talk with someone briefly and I was alone again. I walked a bunch of the hills to save myself for the end and made quick transitions at the aid stations. Oak Hill was it's usual bear and I felt well enough but noticed my hands swelling a bit, an uncomfortable amount of chaffing, and a few hot-spots on the feet. I knew this meant too much sodium and that I was gaining weight causing some issues. Luckily my girlfriend Alison, as my pit-crew was doing an amazing job getting me what I needed, when I needed it and reading me quite well. This loop averaged somewhere around 10:15ish.

Third loop:
James Demer joined me for my pacer. This was super exciting as I'd never had a pacer before and it was James' first time pacing. We ran conservatively as if on a training run and caught-up on the last few weeks of life. James had asked Alison if he could "push me" today and she told him absolutely. We talked about a general game-plan and cruised through a few miles. I never realized how effective a pacer could be. James was incredible. He started to realize we were going too slow for a sub 8 finish and began his mission. We'd see someone ahead and he'd say "OK, see those two people, this is what's gonna happen, we're going to reach them before the field." And we would. We'd get to a hill and he'd say "you're not here to hike, you're here to run!" So we'd run. The few hills we did walk he'd say "walking doesn't mean resting, pace! pace! pace!" "We're not going to walk this hill but there's one coming up where you can walk." And we'd run up half of it. At one point after looking at his watch he said, "OK Jeremy you're going to dig deep, to the bottom of an ice-cold well, dig deep." And I bathed.

We reached the Oak Hill section and we both realized after running 10:36's that it did not look good. James went in to overdrive, and after a quick run-by Alison with a fresh coconut water we were off, to hell. The math did not work in my head. The elapsed time was somewhere around 7:12. I had less than 48 minutes to finish 5 miles. It was possible, but at the rate I was going I'd have to somehow speed up. Enter Captain motivation. All I could do was focus on him 10 feet in front of me, and do everything he did. We ran almost every hill, and ran explosively downhill. I took a digger on a flat section after catching my left shoelace on something and rolling in to a ditch, grunted with full-body pain and agony and was off again. The shoe remained untied for at least three miles as I chanted, I came here to do this, I can do this, keep going. James' mantra's blurred, "come-on Jeremy, you've got this!" "dig-deep," "you'll be proud of yourself." The last baby hill in the field and my legs said "you're done!" I felt them buckle and could not believe it. As I crossed the road I though I was going to fall. James broke off, and I entered the grove, at about 50 feet from the finish, I collapsed. Crawling for a few feet I remembered the marathon video I'd seen with two women battling for a finish crawling and sprawling the last few yards. No way. I forced myself up and swung my arms like a Spider Monkey twelve hours in to Mardi-Gras for forward movement. Reached the finish, and collapsed. Done. Ian, Ryan and Alison picked me up and walked me over to the aid station with my cousin Jeff Hansen and administered hydration, ice, shade, and sweaty man comments. Don't remember ever having an experience like that, or giving more than that. Good times, can't wait to do it again.

efficiency: Too much sodium. Led to minor blisters, and a bunch of bloody chaffing. A bit too much sugar from bars, GU's and gels.

distance: 50
duration: 7:55:30
pace: 9:31

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Wohelo Mellow

Final taper run to keep the legs moving. Felt a bit sluggish and I realized it usually takes me two miles or so to get warmed up and in a groove. Stopping before that happens is weird.

distance: 2
duration: 19:00
pace: 9:30

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wohelo Loop

Another nice and easy run that was over before it began. Did five of the loops, dodging the local dogs and sparse mud puddles. Excited for the race, thinking about logistics, and deciding if I'm going to hit a few miles tomorrow, or just call it good.

efficiency: Another minimal-thinking run

distance: 3.8
duration: 33:25
pace: 8:48

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Nice and easy run to keep the legs going. Felt good to feel some humidity and warmth on a run. Ran in to Zack on the way out and a bunch of other runners. Everyone seems to have the running buzz this Spring!

efficiency: Thought about the upcoming race and my split times and a hydration/food game plan.

distance: 4.5
duration: 39:45
pace: 8:50

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pineland finishing touches

Another great run with the TM's. A huge crowd with a bunch already out for an hour, and probably at least 25 runners total. Pace was strong and once again faster than I was anticipating but just too fun. Did the usual loop and it was real hard not to run all around and talk with everyone. I wanted to say hi and socialize today a bit but also wanted to finish the taper with a strong run. Great talks after with excellent food at the cafe'.

efficiency: Absolutely just had fun

distance: 13
duration: 1:53:38
pace: 8:45

Friday, May 20, 2011

Church to Surf

Great exploratory run through Robinson Woods via the Church parking lot. Past the short road stretch and on to the Greenbelt again with a loop, a tumble and the occasional dead-end. Took another route and ended up at Two Lights with a great run along the ocean and through the bunkers. Finished off the run incorporating as many loops the opposite way back I could in prep for the TMR fun run Mindy and I are working on.

efficiency: None, kept it fully fun and had a blast seeing the new-to-me trails blooming with Spring.

distance: 11ish
duration: 1:33:30
pace: 8:30

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blackstrap Hellz

Excellent run with Jeff Walker. Met up with Jeff in Falmouth for a hill-workout on trails I've never been on. I was super excited for this run and got to the parking area early so as not to miss him or the opportunity.

The run started out with a warm-up of a slight incline to a great view along power lines which Jeff explained is the "local-run" for the Falmouth crew and part of the Jungle Run I've heard so much about. We got to the Skillinz Tree Farm after about 1.5 miles of sloggy awesome trails. The hill repeats started at the top with a light jog to the bottom so I could see what I was in for. The climb is .3 miles up with three distinct zones. It starts off in the field of young trees on a grassy slope and continues a bit steeper in the middle section with a bit of cautious footing just touching the wooded treeline. The final section begins with a bit of a right turn and heads directly up through the woods with pine needle, rooted footing. This final section is the killer, the wooded area closes in and seems to deprive you of fresh pine-scented oxygen you had in the field. This was exacerbated by the fact someone was burning a brush pile and we were privy to the hint of smoke-bomb scent. By this point hyperventilation is your partner, and it's all I could do to push through to the end. A quick fist-bump and were back down, with barely enough time to catch breath for the next onslaught.

All-in-all we did 8, and it was absolutely, wonderfully painful. The way back, or "cool-down" is still a bit of a climb and Jeff and I joked how we were still waiting for our lungs to catch-up with us. The very end slopes nicely to the parking lot and finishes a great workout. Jeff's quite a climber, and in fantastic shape, it was great to run with him. Can't wait for the next seshion.

efficiency: Focused on body dynamics, pumping arms for momentum, breathing relaxed at the beginning of each climb, and "falling" the descent for rest.

distance: 8.2
duration: 1:15:00
pace: 9:09

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wiped at Winnick Woods

Sluggish run. Maybe a bit of a cold or just fatigue from mileagetaperasitis. Oh it's real. Hit the Winnick Woods Greenbelt and it felt like a tough roller coaster of sloth-like effort. No worries though had a great time trying out the Inov-8 X-Talon 212's. Nice and light, breathable with great grip in and out of water, mud, rock and planks.

efficiency: Trying out the new shoes and lighter (Summer) socks in prep for Pineland

distance: 5
duration: 45:30
pace: 9:06

Monday, May 16, 2011

Training 101

Woke up singing this song. I had never seen the video before, but I think I'm implementing this training plan, these are races I just might be able to win...

Sunday, May 15, 2011

So light!

Nice and easy run that was just too fun to run at a recovery pace in the Inov-8 Bare-Grip 200's. Pouring rain and cool temps made me think I might need to start "heat" training in front of the dryer vent to prepare for Pinelands. Similar to the elite athletes who prepare for the Badwater 135 Death Valley Race. I keep feeling it's going to be 85 on race day and think my winter blood is not going to flow too freely. Two weeks to Pineland and I really don't feel like tapering. I finally feel a groove coming on and am able to handle mileage and have just started to feel a bit of speed compared to years past. That's OK it'll be a fun race, and I can't wait to feel the energy of the environment and peeps.

efficiency: Concentrated a bit on keeping my head looking 20 feet in front, as opposed to 2. My legs should feel sore after a run, not my neck.

distance: 4
duration: 36:12
pace: 9:03

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pineland Trail Monsters abound!

Good size crowd of Trail Monsters this morning. Real fun run with a bit faster pace than I'd anticipated for the first twelve miles. Good to run with Stephen, Brent, and Jeff for the first bit then Jamie, Joe, George and Julia. After running the usual loop we decided to run most of the course backwards for a welcome break and had fun taking it easier with walk breaks on the hills. Great conversations with the whole crew and much inspiration, motivation and fun filled stories the whole way. Got to see a few other runners out as well including Nate and a half dozen obviously training for Pineland. Started out with the Nathan Vest to make sure I hydrated well and ditched it for the remaining 8, which was very freeing. Joe, George, Jamie and I finished off the run in good spirits and psyched the miles were done. Met up with Mindy who had run 18 by herself and cruised on over to Edna and Lucy's for good grub.

efficiency: Leaving the Perpetuem behind. Used it a bunch two years ago and last year and tried it a few times this year but it's just too much crap in the system. Going simple for Pineland.

distance: 20.1
duration: 3:07:30
pace: 9:20

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pineland 25k course

Absolutely fantastic run! Really wanted to hit the course and mostly gain back some confidence lost on my previous bunch of runs that have felt very sluggish and harder than anticipated. I decided to be simple with two electrolyte bottles and a Gu and call it good. Went out determined to stretch the legs a bit and run all the hills. The fields were a challenge with knee-high grass and unsure/unseen footing but they made for a post-hole winter feel which was comforting...yeah. I had not run all the fields since the race two years ago and they definitely bring a welcome diversity to the course. My mantra the entire run was positivity and a smile, with enjoyment. It was so nice to treat the hills with fun, see the trees swaying in the wind, scare pedestrians with sneaky footwork, and take in all the surroundings. Saw a bunch of Turkeys, a few deer, and had a cow run along the fence as I went by (she beat me by the way). Finished strong at the Oaks and lucked out on the last field with perfect clouds and a comforting breeze.

efficiency: Positive thinking and law of attraction, the mind is a powerhouse.

distance: 15
duration: 2:06:02
pace: 8:25

Monday, May 9, 2011

Pineland humbler

Planned to run 6 hours, at least 36 miles. This run was a great mental boost two years ago when my cousin Jeff and I ran it before our first 50 miler. This year was quite a bit different. We started off with a quick few miles and shortly met up with Emma, James, and Tim at the parking lot. The pace was casual with walks up half the hills and easy conversational pace. My legs still felt heavy and a bit achy from the previous weeks race, which was surprising. I definitely expected to run smooth and with little difficulties at well under 10 minute per mile pace. We ran the 25k loop without the fields and picked up the pace a bit through Oak Hill which felt good. I was even stupid enough to race James up a hill backward and then attempt another with feeble results. James had to leave, and was a bit sick as well as tapering for his 100 next weekend, so the rest of us hit the Campus loop. Tim took off after that and left the three of us to continue the 25k loop again. Jeff had taken a bit of a fall and was working through a leg seize through most of the last bunch of miles but still looking strong on the hills. I was definitely feeling slow and was not at all sad at the thought of ending before our goal. Emma seemed quite strong and even did more than she set out to do, even after hitting a 20 two days prior. After she left Jeff and I continued for another few but the were silly and slow and we were both relatively done at that point. Definitely not the long run we expected but at least a reminder that Pineland is a humbling experience.

distance: 23.45
duration: 4:00:00
pace: 10:15

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cove quicky

Quick run around the cove twice. A bit harder than anticipated and wanted to do a few more laps but time and legs kept me at "bay." Nice to get some fast twitch going and stay off the hills for a bit.

distance: 7.1
duration: 52:47
pace: 7:27

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sawyer Mountain

Great run with Jamie, after we finally met up. I was late then took a wrong road getting to the mountain, and then a different route to the base. I ended up meeting Jamie near the top after a tough ascent up river-like trails. We continued for about 7ish miles up and around and down the mountain, checking out trails he knew and some he was not so sure about. We hit the top again and parted and I continued for an extra 1 or 2ish to get in what I'd missed while he'd waited for me. What a great area with excellent views and real fun soft trails.

distance: 8ish
duration: 1:20:00
pace: 10:00

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Still a bit sore and sluggish from the race last weekend. Took it very easy and started out slow with the fun extension on the power lines for some good mud and hills which felt like mountains. Wanted to run fast and feel some speed but recovery is paramount.

distance: 6
duration: 57:31
pace: 9:36

Monday, May 2, 2011

Recovery run with Bare-Grip 200's

Ran the Wohelo Trails for an easy recovery run with some sore legs leftover from the race. Tried out the new Inov-8 Bare-Grip 200's and absolutely loved them. Actually ran a bit more than my legs wanted to as the shoes felt so good.

distance: 2.6
duration: 25:06
pace: 9:40