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Run Efficient: Trails to Ales 10k

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Trails to Ales 10k

Directly after the VT100 I started training for the Maine Marathon.  This gave me about 9 weeks to prepare and switch the legs from trails to roads.  Each week I've done a bit of everything, intervals, tempo runs, long runs at a healthy pace, and shorter easier runs with time always in mind.  The training has been tough.  Tougher than I anticipated.  Even with low mileage weeks, running at a specific pace for every run has definitely been taxing.  I really appreciate everyone who trains for road races and marathons now.

A couple weeks ago my friend Dave, Captain of the Lucky Catch Lobster Cruises, and the owner Captain Tom asked if I was running the Trails to Ales 10k.  I'd been thinking about a test road run for a while and this seemed as good as any.  So I told them I'd probably jump in.  They both stated it would be great if I'd run on their team.  Since I've worked for them a bunch in the past and occasionally pull traps, I agreed.

I met Dave and the crew on the wharf to pick up my cotton t-shirt with a large lobster and Lucky Catch blazoned across the front.  Cotton, really Dave?  We all chatted a bunch in the cooler temps until finally half of us decided to walk to the start.  No time for a warmup run so the brisk walk was going to have to do.  The amount of people running this race was just crazy and approaching the starting line I really felt the nerves and dry mouth.  I was kicking myself for not bringing something to sip on as it had already been over an hour since I had any liquid (I'm a bit obsessed about hydration).

Lining up for the start was a bit strange as I found myself up with Jeff Walker, Brett Hellstedt, and a bunch of other obviously fast people, as well as close to 1500 other runners ready to go.  The gun went off and after a bit of bumping and jostling for position we settled in to a pace, cruising down the steep first mile.  At one point Jeff told me not to let the pack in front of us get too far away (Jeff has great road racing wisdom and is definitely an inspiration and motivation for me).  I took his advice, bridged the gap and began the next few miles of back and forth with two fast women and Brett.  

The day was absolutely gorgeous.  We could not have asked for better weather and running around the Back Cove in a fun race like this was just fabulous.  After the four mile mark I decided to see if I could push for the finish.  I hoped it wasn't too soon but gave it a go.  Catching up with a few more people and cresting the bridge took some out of me for sure and the final mile was all out.  I spotted a person up in front of me over the last few hundred yards, kicked it as best I could but he saw me coming and pushed hard for the finish as well.

Super fun race and real great to head back and cheer on all the Lucky Catch crew as well as a few of my other friends.  All of whom did amazingly well.  The after party was pretty ridiculous with thousands of people sucking down beers and chowing pizza.  There's something to be said for road running.  Get it done quick and enjoy the spoils!


Results Here


At September 21, 2012 at 4:59 AM , Blogger pathfinder said...

Sounds like a fun race....I have talked many times about running it but somehow it didn't fit, maybe next year.


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