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Run Efficient: Pineland Trail Monsters abound!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Pineland Trail Monsters abound!

Good size crowd of Trail Monsters this morning. Real fun run with a bit faster pace than I'd anticipated for the first twelve miles. Good to run with Stephen, Brent, and Jeff for the first bit then Jamie, Joe, George and Julia. After running the usual loop we decided to run most of the course backwards for a welcome break and had fun taking it easier with walk breaks on the hills. Great conversations with the whole crew and much inspiration, motivation and fun filled stories the whole way. Got to see a few other runners out as well including Nate and a half dozen obviously training for Pineland. Started out with the Nathan Vest to make sure I hydrated well and ditched it for the remaining 8, which was very freeing. Joe, George, Jamie and I finished off the run in good spirits and psyched the miles were done. Met up with Mindy who had run 18 by herself and cruised on over to Edna and Lucy's for good grub.

efficiency: Leaving the Perpetuem behind. Used it a bunch two years ago and last year and tried it a few times this year but it's just too much crap in the system. Going simple for Pineland.

distance: 20.1
duration: 3:07:30
pace: 9:20


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