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Run Efficient: Riverton Trolley Park

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Riverton Trolley Park

Explored the Riverton Trolley Park as well as part of the Presumscott extension which I've never been on. 

The park side is fun and quick with a few ups and downs for interest.  I went a bit off trail and hit the golf course for a bit and darted off in to the woods for some more fun exploration.  Found the trail again and ended up looping around a bit to get the legs on some inclines. 

I was feeling real tired and was going to end the run back at the road but decided to explore a bit more and head on up the river.  This trail was real nice with undulations, a few bridges and a nice mix of field, water and wooded views.  Really wanted to keep going and explore more but headed back just to be safe.

distance:  5
duration:  42:04


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