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Run Efficient: Quick Loops On The Wohelo Trails

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Quick Loops On The Wohelo Trails

Felt a bit of "quick" work today.  I dare not say a speed workout quite yet.  I decided on the Wohelo Trails as they offer my version of a track workout, in the woods.  With a lollipop shaped trail starting at .4 miles and the loop at .6, it's fun to get in some marked repetition. 

After a mile warm up I was joined by the neighborhood dogs that love to run as many loops as they can whilst trying to knock you off the planks and in to the mud.  This made the first quick lap difficult and I finished in 4:07.  After a complete recovery lap (more than I probably should have but whatever) the second quick lap turned over in 3:50.  The third I went counterclockwise and hit 3:56, and the final was 3:42.  A total of eight laps that went by quickly and with a bunch of fun.  The diversity is great on this trail and I'm looking forward to hitting it again in the winter with snowshoes.

efficiency:  I can definitely see the need to hit a track sometime soon to get my average pace more consistent during "quick" workouts.  I'm sure this will help neuromuscular function as well.

distance:  5.6
duration:  43:57


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