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Run Efficient: Stroudwater Roller Derby

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stroudwater Roller Derby

Intended to run an easy 4 at Stroudwater today but it felt much more fun to run quick. 

The trails were nice and muddy, and the bridges were real slick.  I managed to tip toe across most of them but on a smaller, seemingly inconspicuous bridge my left foot skidded, right foot slid and to avoid any more damage than necessary I dive rolled to safety.  Got up relatively unscathed and continued on laughing and checking myself for blood.  Damn, nothing.  On each of the subsequent bridges I made sure to run as if I was on a frozen lake with banana peels taped to my feet.  Nice and easy. 

Thought about ultra's and our friends Ian, Emma, George and Nick on their way to 100 mile victories.  Excited about a longer run tomorrow, not sure where...

efficiency:  Kept on the toes a bit and focused on a shorter, quicker stride on the gradual downhills to avoid foot slapping and save on body damage.

distance:  4ish
duration:  30:27


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