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Run Efficient: Wicked Winnick Woods

Monday, July 4, 2011

Wicked Winnick Woods

I was hoping to catch-up on some miles from last weeks low mileage of only 25 but got a late start and knew the heat and time would keep me modest. I decided to don the Bare-Grips and see how they would do for a longer run on some more technical terrain and headed out with a water bottle in 80 something degree heat.

I hit the inner loop, then combined that to the outer loop and ran the condensed figure eight three times. The trail is much like Bradbury, without the mountain and with a mix of power lines and a bit of bushwhacking around a pond. Semi technical with twists, turns, rocks, and lots of roots this trail is super fun for diversity and mental focus. That said, about a mile before finishing I kicked a rock with my right foot and in mid fall kick a rock with my left foot before catching myself. If I hadn't had my hand over my mouth the scream would have been horrendous. I walked for a few steps but was afraid to take off my shoe and look at the damage. I decided to run it off, but kept looking down for blood seeping through the uppers. When I got home it was not nearly as bad as I thought and just reinforced the already multi-colored toenail from previous runs.

I'm still happy with the Bare-Grips as they performed well as usual, although when fatigue kicks in the lugs on bottom are kind of thick and easy to catch on obstacles.

distance: 15
duration: 2:34:04
pace: 10:17


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