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Run Efficient: Bradbury and Bill Green

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Bradbury and Bill Green

After doing what seemed like a hard 20 for me on Monday I was ready to rest for two days to save up as much mojo for the Pemi Loop on Thursday. However, an e-mail calling all Trail Monsters for a Bill Green interview was in the works for 10:00 the next day. So I hitched a ride with Mindy who was planning on hitting around 8 with Val at Bradbury. I ran with the Bare-Grip 200's and was absolutely pleased once again with them. The trails were slightly muddy on a misty, humid, effervescent morning. The pace was great and just what I needed to actively recover on the super fun trails at the Brad. After the run we met up with a healthy crew of TM's and watched while James, Ian and Val were interviewed for the show regarding the Bradbury series and the 100 Mile Wilderness. We then took off up the mountain for some shots running by the camera both up and down the Summit Trail, as well as a few back-and-forth shots at the top. Fun day that left me a bit nervous about the condition of my legs for the Pemi Loop as I don't full feel recovered from Pineland.

distance: 8
duration: 1:30:00
pace: 11:15


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