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Run Efficient: Mt. Agamenticus 6 hour run

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mt. Agamenticus 6 hour run

Well getting out of bed the morning of the Mt. A run was real tough. Alison and I had gone to the Comcast Center in Mansfield Mass. to see Peter Gabriel the night before and got home about 2:00 a.m. After a bunch of interesting food, a few glasses of wine an awesome show, and a three hour drive home, I knew it was going to be an interesting morning. It was. The alarm went off at 4:45 and after two and a half hours sleep I figured this would be great training for a sleep deprived body during the 100 mile run in over a month. I focused on sucking down a cup of coffee, and the world grew brighter. I had not planned out my gear at all and went with sub-par supplies, clothing and hydration. I was too sick to my stomach to eat breakfast on the way and arrived at the parking lot in pouring rain. I love it!

We started out with about 20 or so people and ran comfortably for the first bit down the road. I really had no idea what I was going to be able to do, but had previously thought if I did 10 laps two years ago, I should be able to do 11. So after chatting with Ian, Emma, Julia, John, Stephen, and a few others for the first loop or so I started running alone. I lagged a bit here and there and was able to chat with a few people, but without stopping at my truck I was kicking it with myself much of the way. The rain was absolutely relentless with sudden downpours, thunder and lighting and cool temperatures. Each lap would bring chills at the peak of the mountain, a muddy slog down the side, pounding down the dirt road and hiking up a river on the back side. Of the sections on the three mile loop, the uphill is my favorite. It was a great time to warm up and get the blood flowing with a rest from the other sections.

Somewhere around lap 4 I decided to kick it in a bit and for the next 4 or five laps quickened the pace. During those laps the deluge was incredible, and so much fun! There were, I think two laps where the entire way up the mountain was flowing strong like a water slide. It was interesting for part of the middle of the run joining a triathlon for some of their running leg and talking with a few of them along the way.

After a quick water stop mid-run, forgetting the Emergen-C I planned on putting in my pack, I grabbed the over-buttered bagel that I skipped for breakfast. Nibbling on that as I ran it quickly got soaked and was much easier to eat along the way. After about two miles carrying the bagel it was completely water-logged and went down like a GU. I reached in my pack to grab a salt tab as I was only drinking water, and all I pulled out was a caked, salty mush which I consumed happily on the way down the mud-slide slope.

The final few laps were rough. I counted wrong so I thought I was going to get in 9 laps, and at this point was OK with it. The legs were feeling sore, and there was a shooting pain up the front of my right ankle I was not happy with. At one point I almost stepped on a squirrel that turned it's back on me abruptly, and instead of running, lifted it's tail as if it was some hybrid skunk about to spritz me. I couldn't help but think, what does this squirrel know that I don't?

I had some great conversations with Joe, Bob, Kevin, Charlie and few others and met up with Emma, Ian, and Blaine for a bit of the final hour. All in all a bunch of people put in some strong miles in those conditions. I was impressed at the caliber, as most people were training for Vermont or another big race, and a bunch continued the run after the 6 hour time-frame to get in another lap, or at least an out-and-back. As for myself I was done after 10 even though I had time for more I called it, toasted. Went of Rich's place after for a quick burger and beer and talked with more awesome, experienced ultra runners. Thanks to all who put on the run, and brought goodies!

efficiency: In retrospect I would have saved a bit more for the end, taking it easier in the middle. Wished I'd had my Bare-Grip's which evacuate water and mud much better than the Mudroc 290's.

distance: 30
duration: 5:32:26
pace: 11:05


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