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Run Efficient: Out and Back

Monday, June 20, 2011

Out and Back

Feeling a bit lethargic today as I put on the X-Talon's, and was not looking forward to a road run. Headed out in the warm weather with an increasing positive attitude decided to hit the Wohelo Trail parking lot and back. This is my usual road run if I want to get in some miles and am not able to get to a trail. It's basically downhill most of the way there, with one baby hill in the middle and a couple great views of the Scarborough Marsh. The turn around is fun as I'm excited for the incline headed back and of course always try for negative splits, with mixed outcomes. This time was thankfully successful and the run felt surprisingly good, and quick with not much effort until the last flat mile.

efficiency: Focused on forward lean keeping the feet below my center of gravity, pelvic tilt, and 4 count cadence on the way back.

distance: 8
duration: 56:20
pace: 7:03


At June 20, 2011 at 8:36 PM , Blogger vja said...

I thought you couldn't do math while you ran ; )


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