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Run Efficient: Twin Brooks

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Twin Brooks

Great run with a bunch of Trail Monsters at Twin Brooks. I was surprised how many were there and it definitely made me want to get out and hit the trails on Tuesdays more often. The atmosphere seems very different and more relaxed than Saturday runs. I'm sure because it's nice and short, people are mellow from the day, and were not all groggy and doing a full-on training run. I ran mostly with Jim, Jaimie and Zach, with a fun pace and I was happy nobody decided to do any sprints, as I was not feeling particularly speedy today.

It was good driving up with Mindy and hearing how well prepared and excited she is about her little run on Saturday, and equally good hearing stories of fun Fall runs.

distance: 5.5
duration: 47:25


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