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Run Efficient: Oak Hill Repeats

Monday, August 29, 2011

Oak Hill Repeats

Not exactly the hill repeats I had in mind but wanted to get in a quick hard workout without driving. That led me to the closest hill around which is also on the road.

I ran easy to the spot, a bit over a mile, then picked my landmarks, glanced at my watch and began the fun. I had in my mind 8 repeats but quickly wanted to end it sooner. Each repeat is a gradual hill with almost a level end, so it was not necessarily hard, but at somewhere between a quarter and a third of a mile it's sustained. Ran each one around two minutes with number six the slowest. They actually felt real run even with evening traffic rushing by. All said and done had a nice recovery jog home and was happy to get in a structured workout.

efficiency: Worked on running through, and over the hill. Smiled a bunch running down.

distance: 7.5ish
duration: 59:03


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