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Run Efficient: Night run

Friday, July 29, 2011

Night run

Headed out to the Wohelo Trails for a quick night run to test out the backup bladder and make sure the headlamp situation was still good. It's been a bunch of months since my last night run so I was real excited for the outing. My adventure spirit really started flowing when I hit the trails under a beautifully clear evening with humid conditions.

I had my Nathan Synergy pack loaded with water, which I've discovered really only holds 88 ounces, as opposed to 100. A water bottle, and a replenishment drink just for the weight and to test out the side compartments. I wore one headlamp around the waist and one on my head, as in the past for night races like Reach The Beach Relay. The waist is on wide beam, and the head is on narrow. After a couple loops along the .6 mile trail I decided to play a game to keep my eye foot coordination sharp. The trail is a bit more technical at night with knee high grass in one section, rocks, roots and wooden planks in another couple sections. There are trail markers along the way, so I began counting them, making sure I was aware of the shadowed footing and cognisant the path. After a few more laps I found a few more I'd missed and looked back at the trail to find them and confirm the correct direction. This is especially useful on winter expeditions when visibility and conditions are sketchy. A shooting star ended my night run on a grand note.

efficiency: All is working out well so far.

distance: 4.4
duration: 46:17
pace: 10:32


At July 29, 2011 at 7:59 PM , Blogger Sparkplug said...

Hope you made a wish on the shooting star :-) Sounds like a fun run, and that you are more than ready for the 100 Mile Wilderness!

At July 30, 2011 at 3:49 PM , Blogger Jamie said...

Looking primed and ready to go for the 100!!!


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