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Run Efficient: Bruiser Tester

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bruiser Tester

Met up with a bunch of TM's this morning to hit the Bruiser and such. Started with Nathan, Blaine, Jamie and Ian but ran most of the course with the later three. I knew I'd have a hard time today and it began this morning with my choice of shoes. I wanted to wear the Mudclaw's but they were drenched still, tried on the 212's but they didn't feel right and I picked up the 280's but they seemed archaic. So I stuck with my favorites, the Baregrips. I was quite dehydrated and a bit weak in the stomach to start, in part from a few too many margaritas, and my first surf session in 8 months. I decided to err on the side of caution and bring 2 liters with me and make it pay.

The first bunch of miles ticked by nicely enough and the humidity wasn't too bad. However later in the day when I thought we'd done an easy 7 or 8 the crew was stating we'd only bagged 4 to 5. Yeah. I commented at one point how much I love the O trail, as most people don't but by the time we got to it today I wasn't amused with it's switchback, up and down tom-foolery.

A good run though and quite what I was expecting after having an awesome Friday with friends in the ocean and enjoying the summer. I'm thinking I may be still feeling a bit from the previous weekends efforts as well so I'm not thinking too much about the sluggish day.

distance: <12
duration: 1:59:00


At August 20, 2011 at 10:30 PM , Blogger Jamie said...

Given 70 tough miles just two weeks ago and an ass kicking race last weekend, I would hope you would be a bit worn down! Still looked strong out there.


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