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Run Efficient: Bradbury Ultra Extreme Bad-Ass

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Bradbury Ultra Extreme Bad-Ass

Well the final long run before the taper is here. The plan was to hit Bradbury at 07:00 and run 3 then hit the Scuffle, Breaker, and Bruiser for an even 30.

I met up with Ian, Emma, Nate, Julia, Nathan, Mindy and Val and we took off for the first 3 miler. Mindy and Val were heading off for their own jaunt and when we started the Scuffle 6 of us ran together. We talked about every possible ultra wisdom, gear and strategy we knew of for the duration of the morning and it's always fun to learn something new, and hear everyone's thoughts on a simple subject such as running. Or not so simple.

After the Scuffle we reloaded at the vehicles and I had a chance to see the efficiency of my new Nathan Synergy Pak. This pack has a 3 liter capacity but the option to separate the bladder in two for water and an energy drink. There are two hoses, and a valve for making a solution, or choosing one or the other. The pack holds much more than my other Nathan vest and will be crucial for the 100 miler. I was also continuing to test out the Ultra Fit+ energy drink for the longer run, as well as back to my stand-by electrolyte drink Nuun.

By the time we started the Breaker my feet were starting to hurt, and the pounding of the rocks, coupled with a stab from a stick under my left foot made it increasingly apparent that the Inov-8 Bare-Grip's were not going to work for a long, long run. I stayed with them through the 18 mile mark though and when we went back to the vehicles to reload again I changed to my Mudroc's. By this time my legs were quite sore from simply not being used to the lack of mid sole in a shoe on a long, rocky run. I think the road run yesterday may be showing signs as well.

Nate, Emma, Ian and I headed out for the final 12 and were all quite toasty from the hot day and lack of breeze in the woods. As hard and challenging as it was, and sore as my legs were, I, as I assume everyone else, was quite excited that we were able to have such a challenging run to get ready for T100W.

During this leg I was trying to be ever vigilant and watch my footing. It was imperative that I not trip, as earlier in the day I made fun of Emma for tripping over the tiniest stick on the side of the trail. My first reaction was to laugh, make fun of her and her predicament, and then, finally ask her if she was OK. This did not go unnoticed and she vowed to get me back "when" I fell. I told her there was "no way" and I would not be falling today. Well, you guessed it. Ian exclaimed "stick!" as he and Nate adeptly flew over one, I starred right at it passing on the warning to Emma and caught it with my leaded left foot, and went down... I just remember seeing Emma leaning over me with the widest, most satisfied grin I've ever seen on her face. Yup, karma train came back hard on that one. Of course the stick I tripped on was absolutely huge...

So we hit the O trail after a few needed walks, breaks and huff's and puff's in the heat. Ian was a bit concerned with not having water for the O trail and I offered some of mine before we got there, only to realize I was out already. Surprise. It worked out well enough though and It was really great to have the three of them push me through some sections that I would have gone much slower on and I hope they took it the same way when I took a final caffeine GU before the O trail to get me through. I really love the ups, downs and switchbacks even after such a long run.

When it was all done I'm pretty sure I had some heat exhaustion, definitely a bit of a rash from the new pack, and legs were toasted. Excellent time though, and a hell of a way to start a taper!

efficiency: Synergy Pack worked well. I realized you can only fill one reservoir if need be, and choose between fold top, and twist opening. The straps need to be trimmed, and the hose clip does not work, as well as some chaffing issues, but otherwise it'll be great for T100W.
The Nuun worked awesome, as usual, and the energy drink kept me going along with a tuna sammy, Mojo bar, a GU and apricots.

distance: 30
duration: 6:07:00
pace: 12:14


At July 18, 2011 at 8:54 PM , Blogger vja said...

Great story! I can see Emma's grin (which you totally deserved)!!!

Do you back date your posts? I keep seeming to miss them.

At July 18, 2011 at 9:31 PM , Blogger Sparkplug said...

Awesome! Hope you're OK from your fall, but I agree with Val, I can totally see Emma's grin :-)

At July 18, 2011 at 9:58 PM , Blogger sn0m8n said...

Tuna? During a run? You're a gross individual.

At July 19, 2011 at 2:05 PM , Blogger Crux said...

Val I do back date the logs for the date I ran them. Don't always get to it on the day.

I probably deserved more from Emma, but she is way nicer than I am...

Don't knock it till ya try it! Tuna is the chicken of the trails.


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