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Run Efficient: Fore River Trail

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fore River Trail

Took off today thinking a long run was within my grasp, but alas...

For whatever reason I had not been on a few of the trails in the Fore River area. I used to run out there all the time, and thought I'd hit 'em all but found a bunch of different loop and out-and-back options as well as a link, I have missed in the past. This made the run very fun in the afternoon heat and kept me going on the slower sections of the trail. I was trying out a new drink on the run, hoping my stomach could handle it for loner jaunts. Basically the same thing as Ensure, like most ultra runners/TM's use, but a generic form. I downed two on the run, and it worked great without any issues. I decided on the Inov-8 Bare-Grips today, as I really want to run with them during the 100 mile due to their "water-shedding" ability, and need to get more used to the minimalism. I think this was a bit to much for the lower legs though and Achilles pain made me question the decision.

The weather was quite oppressive today. Mix that with the sore legs and diverse terrain and my run was a bit shy of the goal. Felt good to hang out on new-to-me trails though.

distance: 13
duration: 2:14:00
pace: 10:19


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