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Run Efficient: Back to Pineland

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Back to Pineland

Headed back to Pineland to run with Ian during his long run. After helping out so much during the previous weeks for the race, he wanted to get out and put some miles in for himself along the course. My legs were not feeling too bad, but were definitely heavy and I felt my immune system working through something. I wanted to get in at least an hour, but hoped for two.
Ian, James, Julia, and later another runner (I think Don) ran the 3.5 Campus Loop in what seemed a bit quick for my legs to "wake-up." We continued along the start of the 25k and I decided to really listen to my legs and body and make sure I did not injure myself. I turned off at the dirt road junction before heading out on the major loop and walked the road back to the truck to cool down.

distance: 5.25ish
duration: 50:00
pace: 9:32


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