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Run Efficient: Mount Agamenticus Safety Run

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Mount Agamenticus Safety Run

So we'd planned on hitting the Pemi Loop in NH for a fun-filled 50k. The weather however kept us humble, smart, and close-to-home. It was simply too sketchy to put ourselves above treeline for and extended period of exposure in thunderstorms, 40 degree temperatures and driving rain. I think we were all up for it, but there's really no reason to be packing emergency blankets and breaking out the winter clothing with Spring finally here. Jamie, Ian and I coordinated online at 3:45 in the morning and decided to hit Mt. Agamenticus instead. Chuck was smart and went back to bed.

After dousing ourselves with bug dope and sucking down some food we hit the trails thinking we'd do at least 15 but hopefully a bunch more. After a nice circuitous route around two peaks we crossed the road and explored more trails along the reservoir. Some of which were quick turn-rounds, a long old logging-type access road, and some fun twisty-tervy single-double track. After a shorter period of time than I would have liked my quads started feeling it. Probably still not fully recovered from the 50, probably tight from my version of "speed" work. Either way we were all sweating a bunch in the humidity and when we got back to the vehicles Jamie was sticking to his plan to end the run. Ian and I tossed around the idea to head out for more, but we decided to listen to our bodies and call it good. Great fun, great friends and new exciting trails!

efficiency: No more Hammer Fizz, and excess GU's bars and crap.

distance: 14.4
duration: 2:27:00
pace: 10:13


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