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Run Efficient: Taper Goodness

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Taper Goodness

4/23 - 4/28

After last weeks high mileage my body definitely responded well to a taper and fewer miles.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Fore River, 6.24.  Great run with cousin Jeff on the fun Fore River trails. This run was supposed to be easy, but it's been so long since Jeff and I ran together it was hard not to throw in a few spurts here and there. Jeff definitely has some speed in his legs and power to back it up. He cruises the trails in a commanding way and I really think he'll crush upcoming 25 and 50k events.

Wednesday - Blackstrap, 9.2.  Nice hilly run with Jeff. We did a few random ups and downs including the excellent gas line roller coaster. It was great showing Jeff a few of the local trails and catching up on events in our lives.

Thursday - Robinson Woods, 6.  Ran nice and easy, and conservative thinking about the race the whole time. Super excited.

Friday - Rest

Saturday - Blackstrap Preserve, 8.  Sluggish run today with a bit more effort than I would have liked, and a slower pace than anticipated.

Sunday - Pineland, 21.  Started off the run in the afternoon on yet another windy day.  Ran the Oak Hill section first and after hitting the Campus Loop picked up the pace for the middle portion of the run.  Cruised on all the trails and couldn't help thinking about the huge Pineland Festival coming up.  Finished nice and easy on super tired legs, and with very little energy left.  

Time:  8:05
Distance:  50.6
Elevation:  6167


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