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Run Efficient: A slow ramp back up

Monday, March 19, 2012

A slow ramp back up

This week I probably would have run more and become injured if not for a solid plan of staying injury free with quality miles and a slow ramp up.

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Scarborough Residential, 5.4.  Real creaky and tight road run in the dark after traveling back from Oregon and taking two days off.  Not super enjoyable.

Wednesday - Blackstrap Skillins Tree Farm, 8.1.  More effort than I thought it was going to take. I guess I got used to long, slow ascents and not pushing it repetitiously. Interesting how all trails, climates and conditions lend to good diverse training.  Did figure eights at the tree farm with great weather.

Thursday - Fore River, 7.  Good mellow run on nice and muddy trails. I did a few random loops, one of which past Jewell Falls I met the man, I think his name is Dan, who created that section of trail.  We had a great conversation and I thanked him for the excellent trail maintenance.

Friday - Fitzpatrick Stadium, 9.7.  Hit the track on a fabulous windy, driving rain day. I warmed up 1.5 miles then did 6 sets of 400 and 800's at 5k pace with 90 second recovery in between each. Cooled down 1.5. Set the watch at quarter mile intervals to track and stopped it during the recovery, simply counting out ninety seconds, then starting the watch again. Seemed to work out OK. I didn't really pay attention to the timing for each interval and went by feel.

Cheap replacement phone takes pictures, go figure!
Saturday - Stroudwater, 8.  Nice easy run today in the gorgeous sunshine with the BareGrip 200's. The first two miles of the run were real mellow on easy footing through the wooded, pine needle floor.  While the middle three miles were full of fun, energy-sucking, mud and deep puddles, the kind that put a child-like smile on your face.  Felt a bit sluggish toward the end but it felt good to be warm and mud covered.

Missed running, and catching up with the TM's but it was a bit of a drive for such low miles.

Sunday - Winnick Woods, 15.  Warmed up a mile and a half, which was real easy in 65 degree weather in shorts and a tank-top.  Hit a six mile tempo on the technical rooted, rocky, muddy, icy, and undulating terrain. At which point I was basically cooked and refueled and hydrated at the truck before continuing on for the final 7.5. Real great to experience some "final miles" on super tired legs.

Time: 8:08
Distance: 53.3
Elevation:  4383


At March 19, 2012 at 3:49 PM , Anonymous unstrung said...

Nice ramping. Rampage?
And, cool that you met your (trail) maker.

At March 19, 2012 at 8:26 PM , Blogger Jamie said...

Just got caught up on your past two blog posts. Yes, don't move to Oregon. If you do, I will fly over there just to kick your ass and then fly back. Very cool about the coach. It's something I've been considering myself. Nice semi-step down week to boot. Hope to run with you soon!


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