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Run Efficient: Feb 13 - 19 and a FatAss

Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb 13 - 19 and a FatAss

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Back Cove, 7.1.  Feeling a bit tired today and slightly sore from last weeks efforts. It took a bit of motivation to get my ass on a run and it wasn't until I ate some sushi and had some coconut water that I was finally feeling 'alive' enough to get moving. Didn't really feel like messing around with screw shoes on an icy trail today so I just took it easy around the cove.

Wednesday - Blackstrap, 8.  Met up with Ian and Zak and hit a few repeats on the three bitches before doing a nice loop around the tree farm. Really great to have company on a weekday run and the workout flew by, almost too quickly.

Thursday - Wohelo Trail and back, 8.  Tried out the New Balance MT110's today on the road/shoulder with great success. They definitely promote mid-forefoot strike and feel nice and minimal with great room in the toe box. Took it relatively easy on the run although the amount of traffic was annoying and it made me speed up a bit to get away from the noise.

Friday - Robinson Woods, 10.  Not really a stellar run. I thought it would be warm enough without gloves, but it was cold, and I figured I could manage without the screw shoes, and I didn't. I also felt real low on energy and actually a bit tight. The run did not bode well for any sort of long run (Vals Fatass) tomorrow. But I slogged through it and made the best of it. Done and done.

Saturday - Val's FatAss, 50k.  Valerie, Rick, Linda, Jerry and the help of a bunch of Trail Monsters put on a wonderful Fat Ass 50k. There were close to 40 runners out doing various loops, with various goals and a bunch more people spectating and hanging out.

My plan was to run the full 50k but I had some trepidation as we started off and my legs weren't feeling up for the challenge. The group started big, led by Val for quite a while and then thinned out to Blaine and Nate way up front, and Ian, Zak, Jamie, Jim, Dave and myself running together. The conditions were rough to say the least. Between running on small sections of land ice-bergs, with frozen ground feeling like bowling balls covered in grass, snowy, slushy, mashed potato style areas, crusty icy areas, and muddy wet spots, the route had it all.

After a tiring snowy section I glanced at my watch and was surprised to see we'd only gone three miles. It was going to be a long day. The first loop was definitely the most social, with all the TM's running, and various sections crisscrossing, it was a great way to see everyone, feel the energy and see the smiles.

On the second loop we thinned out a bit, picked up Emma and slogged through another loop. Back at the "aid station" at Val and Rick's place there was a plethora of food, liquid, spirits, and smiling faces. After a brief check-in on Val's spreadsheet we were back on the trail, ready for the sun, wind and interesting conditions.

I think on lap three it was Ian, Jamie, Zak, Emma and I and Dave might have been with us here and there. This was a rough loop for me. Knowing that we weren't even half way and I was feeling tired isn't a great mental place to be. Nonetheless it was over before we knew it and off we were again for another loop.

Right near the beginning of the fourth loop Zak went down, hard. He crashed through the ice and banged his knee to a bloody mess. He toughed out the loop, but was unable to continue on. It was around this point that Jamie was feeling both satisfied with his mileage and a bit tight and blistery, so he was calling it quits at the end of the lap as well. The trails started thinning out, and we saw fewer and fewer people on some of the out-and-backs and it seemed the wind picked up, and the cold set in.

Fifth lap and It was Emma, Ian, and I with Nate here and there. We put our heads down and headed out, a bit more quiet than usual. Ian and Emma seemed strong on this lap and I lagged in the back most of the way focusing on their feet and keeping relaxed for the ride. The sun popped out here and there which felt great on the face and forced hat removal. Then we'd round a corner and the 20mph winds would chill us back to reality. The course was definitely getting easier to travel due to the numerous footfalls, but the energy required to keep moving was still high.

Final lap and I felt great. I decided to 'feed-the-feel' and took point to lead us to the promise land. It was Emma, Ian and I and it was quite reminiscent of the 100 MW. This was an exciting lap for me as the most I've run in the last half year is twenty two miles. Mentally it felt good to get through a tough day and put some mileage in the bank. It's hard sometimes to wrap your head around running one hundred miles when the thought of 30 seems so tough.  I would say, oddly enough, this lap felt best for me. It really lays credence to going through the highs and lows of a long run, being prepared for it all, and knowing that whatever you're feeling, it's gonna change.

Almost directly after the run I had a chance to go up in Jerry's helicopter. This was a crazy finish to such an epic day. Being able to see the course from above and have a spectacular view of the entire area. What a rush! I finished the day eating, hydrating and hugging the remaining Trail Monsters and friends. The Mockingbird crew put on a fantastic FatAss and it was so comforting to be with everyone!


Sunday - Eastern Trail, 6.5.  Nice and easy recovery run on mixed icy and muddy trails on a gorgeous day. A bit tight from yesterday but not too bad.

70 miles for the week.


At February 20, 2012 at 6:51 PM , Anonymous unstrung said...


At February 20, 2012 at 7:45 PM , Blogger Scout said...

Jeremy, it's good for the rest of the population to hear that the big dogs (yup, your a big dog)go through the same doubts and tough spots. Also, an inspiration to see you persevere. So glad you came, saw and conquered!

At February 20, 2012 at 7:49 PM , Blogger Jamie said...

The GPS tracking looks like a person holding a baby. Awesome week dude!

At February 20, 2012 at 8:03 PM , Blogger Sparkplug said...

Nice job on the FA 50k!

At February 26, 2012 at 6:12 PM , Blogger mindy said...

Nice work Jeremy!!


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