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Run Efficient: Conversation Pace

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Conversation Pace

Monday - Rest

Tuesday - Eastern Trail, 7.  Nice easy run with full winter clothing, Windstopper gloves and pants, hat two shirts. What a difference 6 days and 60 degrees can make! I was on the trail doing the same seven miles last week in just shorts.

Back Cove, 6.  Met up with Zak for almost two loops around the cove. I had planned on a real slow run, just a cruise really. Zak however seemed to have boundless energy and we zipped around in 7:20s. It was great to catch up and hear about the gorgeous, mountainous runs in Slovakia and talk about the races to come.

Wednesday - Blackstrap Preserve, 8.5.  Great run on fresh trails to me. Ian had briefly showed Zak and I these trails last winter during part of the double jungle run loop. Ian and I were possibly going to run today but our schedules didn't work out so after he posted his stats on Facebook I had to check out the area.

After a turn around I found the trail head and ran down, then up, then through the single track woods, and through the mud and up the rocks. Man what a great time. It even started pouring rain with a little sleet mixed in for twenty minutes or so. Excellent run with some super fun trails!

Thursday - Scarborough Downs Loop, 6.25.  Nice easy run on the soft road shoulder in light snow and cool conditions.  My pace was a bit quick at times and I kept reminding myself to keep it at a "conversational pace,"  You know, as long as you can talk and have a conversation you're not working too hard and your effort is..."easy."  Well I found myself saying this IS conversation pace as I was having a conversation with myself in my head...  Yeah, doesn't really count.

Robinson Woods, 6.  Partial night run nice and mellow with some poor footing at the end due to an antiquated headlamp.  Definitely have a cold coming on... bummer.

Friday - Stroudwater, 6.  Really feeling the effects of the cold I've had all week and today was full-on lethargy. Trudged through the usually easy 6 miles in great conditions with some high winds.

Saturday - 1 More Mile For Sunshine, 30.  Blaines 50k capped off his month of incredible running. A healthy group of us gathered fat ass style with food, liquid and excitement in cool conditions. The majority of the group set off at a fun pace on diverse trails around a six mile loop.

The first couple laps were filled with great conversation and too many TM's to name. I really enjoyed catching up with everyone and hearing the latest greatest on food intake, adventurous future runs and life stories. The pace had picked up a bit on lap three as we were starting to get a feel for the course. At the aid station I fueled with another bar, some potatoes, and a few dates.

The goal for today was a "steady pace" so even though it felt a bit weird to quicken the pace at a fat ass charity event I really wanted to use this as a solid workout and push for a negative split. The fourth lap was probably a bit too quick, but it felt good to stretch the legs a bit. The final lap I was definitely feeling it but really wanted to enjoy the push and see what I could do with a tired body.

Super impressed with everyone especially Blaine for running the miles!  Another excellent time had with all the runners, supporters, and people just hanging out.  I'm not really sure how I ever ran alone all those years before moving to Maine.
Thanks for the post-run elixir Zak!
Sunday - Scarborough Residential, 4.25.  Nice easy run around the neighborhood with Alison on her bike.  A bit creaky from yesterday's effort but not horrible.

Fore River, 6.  Another nice and easy run on a great day.

Time:  11:52 hrs
Distance:  80 miles
Elevation:  4332 ft


At April 4, 2012 at 5:38 AM , Blogger Jamie said...

Kabam!!! Solid 80 mile week. Stacking some quality hay in the barn.

At April 4, 2012 at 7:14 PM , Anonymous unstrung said...

My pet horse wants to eat all that hay. Awesome week, again! Hope you scared off your cold with that fatass.

At April 4, 2012 at 9:24 PM , Blogger middle.professor said...

Damn. You, Ian, and Zak are running strong. So is Jamie of course but you three are working together. Not Damn because you're fast but damn because I'm not running and want to be fast toooooooo!


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